Special French Tarts


French best famous tarts!

Here you will learn the basics of making your own dough.
After that, you will not buy any more “industrial” ones when you discover that it is so easy to do it and so delicious to have our own homemade dough!

Thanks to this technical know-how in pastry making, you can make many famous pies such as Tart Tatin, lemon tart, chocolate tart, raspberry cheese tart… and even the savoury Lorraine tart!

A gourmet formula that will delight and impress everyone! Try and enjoy 😉

Included 12 recipes in video!

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Making your own dough can be a piece of cake by following these video lessons step by step. There are many types of doughs that are better suitable for a particular ingredient.

Shortbcrust pastry, sweet tart crust, shortbread pastry or puff pastry are the most famous for making all types of tarts.

Here is a list of the most famous French tarts that you can master:

Au menu : 12 videos


  • Puff pastry
  • Shortcrust pastry
  • Sweet tart crust
  • Shortbread pastry
  • Chocolate sweet tart crust

Savoury tart

  • Lorraine tart


  • Apple Sauce

Sweet tarts

  • Apple tart
  • Tart tatin
  • French lemon meringue tart
  • Raspberry cheese tart
  • Chocolate tart
  • French Flan tart

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