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Don’t miss this formula that highlights sea products.

We often don’t know how to cook them or have no idea what ingredients can go with.

Often raw for seafood and cooked for fish, in this special formula you will learn to invert by having cooked seafood and raw fish with the famous “Mussels marinère and French fries”, oyster gratin and Salmon Tartare or Salad Niçoise, but also Poisson Papillotte.

Included 13 recipes in video!

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Usually served for special occasion, seafood can be served as an everyday meal as they can be prepared very easily as you will see in this selection of recipes.

As for the fish, you’ll also find a healthy and elegant way to cook it “in papillote” thanks to Chef Justin Quek recipe who will show you a delicious Terragon sauce to pare with.

Au menu : 13 recipes

Sea Food

  • Oysters “au gratin”
  • Scallop gratin
  • Clams cream
  • Clams broth by Chef Lennard Yeong
  • Grilled crab legs by Chef Gunther Hubrechsen
  • Mussels “marinière”
  • French fries (Side dish that goes well with Mussels Marinière or Salmon Tartare and more…)


  • Salmon tartare
  • Salmon leek tart
  • Salad “niçoise”
  • Papillotte of Mediterranean Seabass by Chef Justin Quek
  • Tarragon Cream Sauce by Chef Justin Quek
  • Fish Stock

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