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  • Delicious cannelés, fabulous macarons, a real treat! If you don't know Ti Yan Academy yet, you should definitely try it!***De délicieux cannelés, des macarons à tomber, un vrai régal ! Si vous ne connaissez pas encore la Ti Yan Academy, je vous conseille de vous y mettre !

    Delphine “Starcraft” Elphe Avatar
    Delphine “Starcraft” Elphe

    Very beautiful and very tasty. Not too sweet as most of the classic macarons. Natural flavors and nice flavors. All my family loves them!

    Ruxandra R Avatar
    Ruxandra R
  • I love everything about this place! Lovely couple, always very welcoming and passionate about the pastries they make. The first time I visited I had the their savoury Crêpe Forestière for lunch and Sea salted Caramel Crêpe for dessert and I instantly fell in love with the caramel sauce!!! I was never a fan of caramel sauce but no doubt this is the best sea salted caramel sauce I’ve ever had! Nothing like I have tasted before, it’s amazing!! Have been going back for more.. Recommended my colleagues to try it as well and they absolutely love it too! I tried their Madeleines today and it’s so good, pairs really well with tea. I want to try everything in their pâtisserie!! Looking forward to try the canelé and other savoury crepes next! So happy that they are so near to my workplace so I can just head down anytime to satisfy my cravings! 😋

    Joanne Lim Avatar
    Joanne Lim

    We initially wanted some caneles which are actually as good if not better than those in France and end up reordering also macarons with subtle fruity flavors. Would definitely recommend !

    christophe le blan Avatar
    christophe le blan
  • The macarons are cute and tasty! Amazing gift for CNY

    Discovery Box of 8 Handmade Macaron8 Image
    Discovery Box of 8 Handmade Macaron8
    Ruxandra Riccardi Avatar
    Ruxandra Riccardi

    We received some of their caneles and macarons as a gift. The pastries were delicious and the kit to make your own macarons was a lovely idea. Thank you!

    Dawn Kua Avatar
    Dawn Kua
  • A quiet, cosy and warm place welcoming shoppers to some authentic French desserts. The promoters are super cool and so is the pastry chef. Enjoy the rich Creme Brulee and the chocolate madeline( a TY special).

    Srinivasan Iyer Avatar
    Srinivasan Iyer

    Exceptional crepes and macaroons. Must Try all the flavours!

    Jeff Cheung Avatar
    Jeff Cheung
  • Best macarons in the island. Owners are super nice and welcoming. We have tried almost everything overtime (CNY double macarons, salted caramel heart shape macarons, mandarine, chocolate, red berries, vanilla, madeleines, canneles ans salted crepes for lunch). It was DIVINE. A must try. Oh, and their salted caramel jar is amazing too!

    Amandine VU Avatar
    Amandine VU

    The madeleines are to die for. Must try

    Nazia NH Avatar
    Nazia NH
  • An excellent idea of corporate gift in Singapore: excellent taste of course, the mandarin flavor and the infinite loop of 8 could not have been more auspicious for clients, they loved it.

    Le Ti Yan, macaron mandarin chocolate Image
    Le Ti Yan, macaron mandarin chocolate
    Khang Nguyen Trieu Avatar
    Khang Nguyen Trieu

    The macarons there are just awesome. A hint of salted caramel on top, different flavours. The "8" shape can only be auspicious when you eat these delicacies 🙂 . The "canneles" are also super good, crusty on the outside and light on the inside, my wife's favourite.

    Khang Nguyen Trieu Avatar
    Khang Nguyen Trieu
  • Absolutely delicious! We've ordered the macarons as well as the cannelés and it was nothing short of fantastic :)The packaging is beautiful making this such a great gift for any occasion. The reception from family and friends has been overwhelmingly positive. We'll happily order again 😀

    Bryan Too Avatar
    Bryan Too

    I tried Ty Yan’s cannelés with great pleasure few weeks ago. Long story short, they are just delicious!!’ Very flavourful at the opening and incredibly moist and tender inside. They happened to be a great partner for my Indian holy Basil Tea!
    Cherry on the cake, the packaging looks really premium which makes it a perfect gift too. Nice Job!

    Box of 6 Handmade Cannelés Image
    Box of 6 Handmade Cannelés
    Thierry Le Avatar
    Thierry Le
  • I don't even like macarons or mandarins oranges but their mandarin orange macarons have changed my mind! I tried a canele for the first time and it's absolutely divine 😍

    sowmya iyer Avatar
    sowmya iyer

    The macaroons are a must try. We went 2 days in a row! While you are there try the pumpkin soup.

    Renee Lo Avatar
    Renee Lo
  • Great macarons with affordable price as well, what a delight!

    R S Avatar
    R S

    A perfect choice for a high tea at home with our friends - quality is as high as what you would get in a luxury hotel... "what else"?

    Discovery Box of 8 Handmade Macaron8 Image
    Discovery Box of 8 Handmade Macaron8
    Khang Nguyen Trieu Avatar
    Khang Nguyen Trieu
  • I came across Ti Yan Patisserie by chance. As my mum like to eat Macarons, thus I pop in the beautiful small shop. To my surprise, they have quite a number of interesting sweet stuff. I have been kept returning to this little beautiful shop for more sweet stuff. Their service is warm and excellent. They explained their produces with great patience.Yesterday we tried their moon cake, my hubby said this is the nicer moon cake that he had ever eaten.If you are nearby, worth to spend a few minutes to visit Ti Yan Patisserie.Ti Yan Patisserie 加油 💪

    Lim KTP Avatar
    Lim KTP

    We really enjoy the canelés, which taste exactly like in Bordeaux! The macaroons which are the best since Ladurée left SG are the best I ever tasted ! This is a must try for you and a very nice gift for your friends and family ! :))

    Corinne Dumairir Avatar
    Corinne Dumairir
  • The macaroons are amazingly tasty with a juicy filling made with fresh fruits ingredients ! The best in town for sure and a perfect fortune gift with their original shape! A must try!

    Discovery Box of 8 Handmade Macaron8 Image
    Discovery Box of 8 Handmade Macaron8
    Corinne Dumairir Avatar
    Corinne Dumairir

    Great variety of choices, a must try!

    Discovery Box of 8 Handmade Macaron8 Image
    Discovery Box of 8 Handmade Macaron8
    Vincent Low Avatar
    Vincent Low
  • Excellent macaron- probably one of the best I have tasted … up there with Pierre Herme and Laduree.The salted caramel spread is also very good. Rich and fragrant and not too sweet.I will definitely be a repeat customer.

    CN Chong Avatar
    CN Chong

    The cold pumpkin soup with chantilly cream is a must try. Heavenly. Operated by friendly French couple. I get to practice my French too!

    lee nah Yeo Avatar
    lee nah Yeo
  • Best macaroons I've tried so far! It's very crispy from the outside and very chewy and filling inside that's why they're to die for! My faves are vanilla, macaroon8 and salted caramel!

    Jane Goin Avatar
    Jane Goin

    Bestest caneles ever! The macarons were also excellent! Crispy shells and delicate flavours! Whole family loved it. So glad to discover Ti Yan. Really a gourmet experience indeed! Keep up your culinary magic!

    Box of 6 Handmade Cannelés Image
    Box of 6 Handmade Cannelés
    Maria Ho Avatar
    Maria Ho
  • Was not sure what to expect so I got a sea salt caramel crepe and a pack of (baby) bite sized macarons to try. While it was a proper French crepe, the star was the delicate sea salt caramel sauce that was lightly spread though the centre of the crepe. It was delicious! Then came the macaron, which made me decide to immediately return to the shop to try more.Edited: Ordered the ham and mushroom crepe ($8.50) and another sea salt caramel crepe ($3.50). The ham and mushroom crepe used fresh (not tinned) French champinon mushrooms, béchamel and (probably French) ham. It was a delicious and deceptively light meal. A person with big appetite will probably need 2.When the dessert crepe is folded into a quarter, the 4 layers of crepe ratio against the sea salt caramel sauce can result in the perception that the crepe is too thick, and the sauce being too thin. Personally prefer maximum of 2 layers or crepe when folded.The place is great for walk ins, not dine in as the place can feel packed just with 4 customers in the shop. I guess, 4 is the optimum number to maintain safe distancing in the shop.

    Michelle Ling Avatar
    Michelle Ling

    Best macarons in Singapore!

    Romain Wolff Avatar
    Romain Wolff
  • Perfect pairing of Ruby Chocolate with red fruits! Not so sweet! Bought for my friend and they love it!

    Box of 8 Macaron8 Ruby Red fruits Image
    Box of 8 Macaron8 Ruby Red fruits
    Chi Ming Goh Avatar
    Chi Ming Goh

    The canelés are really good🤤 It reminds you of France! The packaging is elegant which makes these a perfect gift for your festive dinners! 🥳. Bravo for all the work you put behind them!

    Box of 6 Handmade Cannelés Image
    Box of 6 Handmade Cannelés
    Fu-Chang TRAN Avatar
    Fu-Chang TRAN
  • Fantastic macarons, the best in town ! I could not decide which flavor is the best, so will definitively buy again and again.

    Nicolas F Avatar
    Nicolas F

    The food is amazing and affordable for the high quality you get. I recommend their crepe set meal that comes with pumpkin soup and a sea salt caramel crepe as dessert. The couple who own this cafe are also the sweetest. Highly highly recommend!

    Nicole Emma Low Avatar
    Nicole Emma Low
  • Friendly couple run patisserie in Royal Square. Greeted with a warm welcome and the smell of homemade crepes each time I step into the shop. Macaroons are perfectly sized and leaves a palatable after taste. Close your eyes as you savour their crepes, chocolate coated madeleines or financiers and you might find yourself on the beach of Brittany with cider in hand. Crepes remain fresh even when eaten the next day. Tiyan’s signature salted-caramel has a perfect balance of richness and taste. Always end up buying more than I planned for each trip to Tiyan. Highly recommended.

    Su-Yin Yang Avatar
    Su-Yin Yang

    One of the best macarons around. Made a delivery order that ran into some app trouble but the Pâtisserie staff were so kind and helpful! Top marks for food quality and service.

    Terence Quek Avatar
    Terence Quek
  • The Best Macarons I ever tasted, Especially Vanilla Velvet!
    Nice of them to put in the QR code on the box that links to their website that have a video that teach how to make the Macarons.

    Box of 8 Macaron8 Vanilla Velvet Image
    Box of 8 Macaron8 Vanilla Velvet
    Vincent Low Avatar
    Vincent Low

    I am usually not a big fan of canneles as I've always found them dry and "heavy". Those ones made me change my mind: crispy on the outside and light on the inside, I can very much eat the whole box at once :p

    Box of 6 Handmade Cannelés Image
    Box of 6 Handmade Cannelés
    Khang Nguyen Trieu Avatar
    Khang Nguyen Trieu
  • Great place! My favourite are the Crêpes and their salted caramel! Owners of the Pâtisserie are very nice!!

    Magalie Vinti Avatar
    Magalie Vinti

    Thank you for the warm service and fresh handcrafted bakes 🙂

    Kelly Ang Avatar
    Kelly Ang
  • Excellent

    raafet choukri Avatar
    raafet choukri

    Best crepes in Singapore. Unbelievable taste. Best Bechamel sauce in Asia. Will go back as soon as possible, can also order from them directly through WhatsApp with free delivery above $88. Enjoy!

    Nicolas Vanhove Avatar
    Nicolas Vanhove
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