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Ti Yan Academy - From Triskell to Ti Yan - Macaron8

Why Ti Yan?

Ti Yan Pâtisserie is an AUTHENTIC FRENCH pastry shop using traditional French recipes & fresh French dairy products.
The name “Ti Yan” has a double meaning, reflecting the double culture of its French founders, Guillaume & Kean, Kean being of Chinese origin:
– In “Breton” (language of Brittany, West of France, French region Kean and Guillaume come from), Ti Yan means “at Yan’s place” and Yan, “Jean” in French, is one of Guillaume’s surnames,
– In Chinese (mandarin), Ti Yan means Experience 体验.
Ti Yan is an invitation to Experience the real & authentic taste of French delicacies that all are baked in-house from scratch.

Why this logo?

It comes from the Triskell, a celtic symbol we find everywhere in Brittany, that evokes dynamism, energy and enthusiasm. With their double culture bias, Kean and Guillaume found an  inside, and transformed it into a wheel of fortune!

Why Ti Yan Pâtisserie?

It all started with Macaron: looking for an original way of promoting Ti Yan Academy’s courses, Kean and Guillaume decided to sell macarons reflecting their mix of cultures, with authentic French recipes and an 8-shape, with a QR Code inside of the boxes, allowing customers to access the recipes directly on the website.

The demand was such that they decided to sell cannelés as well and eventually opened the shop in Novena.

Macaron originates from the fusion of the French “Art de Vivre” in tandem with Chinese culture. Macarons are an irresistible fine pastry of France, and at Ti Yan, we created them in the shape of , this number representing Prosperity and Fortune for the Chinese people.

This mix of cultures is also reflected in the taste, with a good balance between flavours with less sugar, and a pearl of salted caramel, emblematic of Brittany, a magnificent region of France, where the couple comes from.

Macaron should be pronounced Macaronette, a bit like Macaron-eight, the suffix “ette” designating in French all that is small and cute 😉

We hope everyone can feel and enjoy this cultural enrichment whilst savouring these macaron.

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