Kean Dastot



Guillaume Dastot



Kean and Guillaume Dastot are partners in life and in work. As a founding-couple, this isn’t their first project, they like to undertake together and renew another new entrepreneurial adventure. With Ti Yan Academy, they strive to create the first online learning platform of French culinary arts in Asia. Top chefs support them by offering the secrets of their famous recipes, renowned dishes, but also by giving expert advice.

They define themselves as a “Ch’ti-nese” couple, Kean being of Chinese origin and Guillaume being from the north of France (Ch’ti). After moving around France and 9 years in Brittany, they have chosen Singapore to settle down and raise 2 teenagers (of 16 and 13 years old). Ti Yan Academy is a project they developed with the goal of making French culinary techniques and expertise accessible to a wider audience thanks to the conviviality of video classes, and the professional rigorousness of academic lessons. (More details on “Le Petit Journal” post)

In addition to online cooking courses, they have launched the concept of Handmade to Homemade: you can now taste and enjoy fine handmade pastries, Ti Yan Academy’s creations, and access the recipes to make them at home. A full culinary experience.

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